Therapy Centre Ayurveda

Our therapy centre is based on Ayurveda which encapsulates the age-old tradition of knowledge of human life. This inherent comprehensive system of natural medicine offers a range of approaches for different aspects of life and these approaches together enables perfect health and long life.

Ayurvedic facial massage SOUNDARYA a form of natural beauty treatment is based on the principles and standards of ayurveda. This scientific massage style rejuvenates, revitalizes the skin and makes it healthy.

Ayurvedic facial massage sequence is a complete beauty treatment which comprises of herbal steams, scrubs, masks and moisturizers for excellent results. A facial not only gently improves the appearance of your skin tone, it relaxes you as well. The massage works locally to improve the skin and uplift the face, to relax and deeply nourish the whole face.


Tarpanam: Useful in the ailments of the eyes.
Shirobasti: Useful in hair loss and the falling hair and other diseases of skull.
Navarakizhi: Navarakkizhi is a special massage which rejuvenates the body.
Udvartana: It is a medicated Ubtan to be applied over the skin for fair and glowing skin.
Nadi Sweda: Useful in pain disorders and many more...