Ayurvedic Approach

AYURVEDIC approach to healing is highly scientific and extremely natural.

Understanding Disease : Underlying all diseases is the imbalance of the three doshas

Vata, Pitta and Kapha

The three doshas indicate the balance of the processes of conservation, conversion and utilization of energy. To understand any disease is to understand what has gone wrong with these basic processes. The problem of imbalance underlies every disease, and they may manifest in specific ways to create specific diseases. Therefore disease is understood at three levels in Ayurveda.

The level of lingas or symptoms

The level of disease process or vyadhi and

The level of disease origin or doshas

Ayurvedic Treatment

There are two basic pathways for manifestation of diseases and solutions to diseases.

Treatment methods

Langhana enables the body to convert and utilize energy which is also called Depletive therapy.

Brimhana enables the body to convert and preserve energy this is also known as Repletive therapy.

Langhana therapy is divided into two major categories:

sodhana — eliminative and

shamana — corrective.

In many anabolic diseases, the body can be brought back to balance only when accumulated matter is removed from the system. This is achieved through sodhana. There are mainly five types of eliminative therapies called:

vamana or emesis,

virechana or purgation,

shirovirechana — cleansing the head by nasal medication,

vasti — enemata and

raktamoksha — blood letting

Some anabolic diseases can be cured without sodhana therapy. In such diseases, medicines are given to enable the body to convert and utilize unused matter. There are mainly seven types of shamana therapies called:

dipana — activating digestion and metabolism,

pachana — therapeutic digestion and metabolism,

kshut — Fasting with water,

trit — Fasting without water,

vyayama — Exercise,

atapa — Exposure to sun,

maruta — Exposure to wind.

Catabolic diseases have to be managed by brimhana or depletive therapy. When emesis, purgation, oil enema, decoction enema and nasal purge are given in sequence, it is known as panchakarma or five procedures. Specific treatment programs are devised with selected drugs on the basis of the above principles.